Some good reasons

Great variety of accessible tours through all Campania Region. Twenty Years’ experience. H24 support for our customers.

Satisfied Customers

Over 1000 visitors have chosen our tours. See their opinions and find out their reviews.

Customized tours

We offer you a great variety of accessible itineraries to get acquainted with artistic and landscape beauties of our region.

H24 Support

H24 Tourist Support and Assistance through WhatsApp Line thanks to our multilingual and professional  team.

5 Languages available

Our “Customer Care” can provide you with all the information you need in the main European languages as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian.

Geographical Boundaries

The company initially introduced its services in Naples City. Nevertheless, it soon expanded its network of services through all Campania Region providing new accessible itineraries are ready to expand services through all Italy.

Pet allowed

For those who love four-legged friends, we will provide all the necessary information to move comfortably within our city, perhaps even giving our pets the opportunity to experience an unforgettable holiday.

We are ready to help you in all your needs.

Wheelchair Friendly Tour is not just tour operator organising accessible tours and itineraries. We will provide our clients with all the appropriate tourist information, advising everything that can be discovered in our city. Restaurants, hotels, shops, theatres and so on. Don’t hesitate to ask, we are always ready to suggest you the best solution for your trip to Campania.

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Photo collection
  • Personal shopper

Always at the Forefront

On request we can provide you with itinerary created by our professional team to organize your staying in our city with all details and make your experience pleasant and unforgettable. We can provide you assitance in reservation accessible hotels and restaurant  and mobility equipment rentals.

  • Audio guide
  • Parking
  • Exchange
  • Mobile

“Il Bel Paese”

And how could we not love Italy? (…) I believe that every man has two homelands; one is his personal, closer, and the other: Italy.

Henryk Sienkiewicz

What our customers think about

Here are some of our reviews. Always happy to add value to your holiday.

Michael Peers

They Help me during my visit to Naples. I appreciated the clear informations they gave to me and they provided everything to make my experience in Campania simply unforgettable

Marcus Pillow

Incredibly staff that help me in every occasion. They’re really kind and want to assist people with disabilities in every way they can. They can provide you amazing tours that will make you explore Campania Region.

Frederic Hassli

It was my first trip to Italy and I wanted an Agency that gave to me a good help and some lovely suggestions. I emailed Wheelchair Friendly Tours and they organized my trip in every detail. They’re really the best for accessible tours

Peter Lowe

Good tours and good prices for disabled people. I enjoy exploring Campania with my Uncle that unfortunately use a wheelchair. A good thing they have excellent means of transport and the transfer are very fast