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Top 5 friendly shopping streets in Naples

Naples is a city where there are a lot of streets where you can do shopping. Everyone of these friendly shopping streets in Naples has a flat surface and you can go through it without problem. So, let’s explore the top 5 friendly shopping streets in Naples! Via Toledo The first one is Via Toledo. […]

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Where you can swim in Naples?

You want to swim in Naples? Well, that’s a fantastic choice. But where you can go if you want to find an accessible beach? That’s can be a real problem. Anyway, you don’t have to fear. There are some places you can go. Here are the best beaches you can find in Naples! Miseno Beach […]

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Top 5 friendly hotels in Naples

Stay in Naples can be a wonderful experience. But if you want to enjoy your visit, you have to choose the right hotel. What are the top 5 friendly hotels in Naples? Let’s check it out, so you can live an unforgettable trip in Naples. NH Ambassador Panorama NH Ambassador Panorama is the first of […]

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Top 5 friendly restaurants in Naples

We can say that Naples is a reign where it’s possible to find only good food. In fact, there are many recipes that are born in Naples and they are simply fantastic. But where you can eat those delicacies? Well, here we have the top 5 friendly restaurants in Naples. Let’s check it out the […]

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