Top 5 friendly hotels in Naples

Stay in Naples can be a wonderful experience. But if you want to enjoy your visit, you have to choose the right hotel.

What are the top 5 friendly hotels in Naples? Let’s check it out, so you can live an unforgettable trip in Naples.

NH Ambassador Panorama

NH Ambassador Panorama is the first of top 5 friendly hotels in Naples. It is the biggest skyscraper of the city and the view from the upper rooms is spectacular.

NH Ambassador is a 4 star hotel and it includes a lot of services. It has medium-high prices but is a very good hotel. It is located at Via Medina 70.

StarHotels Terminus

The StarHotels Terminus is perfect if you want to stay close the means of transport of the city.

It is located in Piazza Garibaldi 71, near the Main Train Station of Naples. The StarHotels is a 4 star structure and it’s perfect if you want to enjoy comfort and relax.

Hotel Ramada Naples

Hotel Ramada is a top hotel by Wyndham, the worldwide company, famous in the whole world. It has large rooms and soft bed that will improve your sleep.

The Hotel has 4 stars and it’s near Piazza Garibaldi, precisely on Via Galileo Ferraris 40. It has medium prices and a double room for a weekend it’s not that high.

Royal Continental Hotel

The beautiful view of Royal Continental Hotel

Royal Continental Hotel is one of the best hotels in Naples. Without doubts, it’s included in top 5 friendly hotels in Naples.

It has 4 star and it is on Via Partenope 38, in front of Castel dell’Ovo. It’s an expensive location but if you want to have a wonderful stay in Naples, this one is a perfect choice.

Grand Hotel Vesuvio Napoli

A wonderful room of Grand Hotel Vesuvio

You want the best friendly hotel? Well, then choose Grand Hotel Vesuvio. It has 5 star, special room, elegand and refined spaces, top services and much more.

All you desire is in Grand Hotel Vesuvio. For a wonderful stay you can book a room there, surely you won’t regret it!

You want to organize your trip in Naples? Well, contact us and we can plan your friendly tour in Campania!

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