Top 5 friendly restaurants in Naples

We can say that Naples is a reign where it’s possible to find only good food. In fact, there are many recipes that are born in Naples and they are simply fantastic.

But where you can eat those delicacies? Well, here we have the top 5 friendly restaurants in Naples. Let’s check it out the best!

Pizzeria Salvo

Pizzeria Salvo is the first of top 5 friendly restaurant.

It is a lovely restaurant where you can eat all the tradional neapolitan pizza recipes. In particular, there are a lot of specialties for your taste.

Here you can try some “Pizza Margherita” or take advantage of “Fritto Napoletano“. Every dish is fantastic. Plus you can admire the marvelous Naples’ district calls Chiaia. The restaurant’s address is Riviera di Chiaia 271.

Trattoria da Ninnone

A typical dish in “Trattoria da Ninnone”

Trattoria da Ninnone is located in Via Speranzella, 57, a characteristic street in the history heart of Naples.

As you can see at “Ninnone” you can order beautiful dishes of pasta with “Frutti di Mare“. The Seafood is spectacular here, fresh and absolutely toothsome. A must eat if you adore this type of food.

Signora Bettola

Signora Bettola is a fantastic place in Via Medina 73, near the “Maschio Angioino” Castle. The place is furnished as an ancient home of Naples, with the clothes hung on a string.

The atmosphere here is amazing, you can live the experience of eat in a restaurant that resemble a typical neapolitan home. Also, the food here is tasteful and good.

Osteria del Mare – Pesce and Champagne

Osteria del Mare is a fabolous place near Mergellina and Lungomare Caracciolo. In details, its address it’s Piazza Sannazzaro 72.

The best you can eat here is fresh seafood and some traditional recipes from Naples’ cuisine history. The place is elegant and refined and it’s perfect if after the meal you want to visit Naples’ Lungomare.

Pizzeria Vesuviana

A typical pizza

Last but not least in the top 5 friendly restaurants in Naples, the Pizzeria Vesuviana.

Here you can taste the original pizza, unique in the World. You can also choose some variations such as Pizza Fritta and Marinara.

An unforgettable experience if you love pizza!

You want to try these restaurants and organize your friendly tour in Naples? Well, then contact us and we can plan your trip!

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