Top 5 friendly shopping streets in Naples

Naples is a city where there are a lot of streets where you can do shopping. Everyone of these friendly shopping streets in Naples has a flat surface and you can go through it without problem.

So, let’s explore the top 5 friendly shopping streets in Naples!

Via Toledo

The first one is Via Toledo. The street are very rich at every angle with shops and much more. You can buy here everything, from souvenirs to clothes.

Also, in Via Toledo there are a lot of street food restaurants, so you can enjoy a fantastic meal.

Corso Umberto I

Corso Umberto I is another street that is friendly and it’s possible to make a lot of shopping here.

There are a lot of shoe shops and you can take advantage of many offer. Plus, the street is linked to the historical centre of Naples, so from here you can visit the ancient city.

Via Alessandro Scarlatti

Via Alessandro Scarlatti is one of the top 5 friendly streets in Naples. It is located to Vomero, one of the most elegant neighborhood of the city.

Also, this is a pedestrian zone, so you don’t have to pay attention to cars or scooter.

Via dei Mille

Via dei Mille is a fabolous street of Naples. Here you can find some high class boutique where you can buy high quality products.

If you just visit the street you can admire the refinement and the class of the zone, that surely will satisfy you.


The last top friendly streets in Naples is Spaccanapoli. Here you can find all about Naples’ folklore and traditional souvenir.

Also you can find the artistic products of the Christmas Nativity Scene, an ancient tradition here in Naples. You must see this street!

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