Where you can swim in Naples?

You want to swim in Naples? Well, that’s a fantastic choice. But where you can go if you want to find an accessible beach? That’s can be a real problem.

Anyway, you don’t have to fear. There are some places you can go. Here are the best beaches you can find in Naples!

Miseno Beach

Miseno Beach is a good place to swim in Naples. It’s a beach located near Naples, precisely in the little town of Bacoli. Anyway you can reach easily the location.

Miseno Beach is comfortable and has a soft sand. The seabed is low and the water quality is very good. A real friendly beach.

Villammare Beach

Villammare Beach is a beautiful sandstrand near Salerno. If you want to reach the location you can simply take a transfer.

The beach has small pebbles, but it works perfectly as an accessible space. In fact, on the sand there are platforms that can lead you directly on the shore.

Conca dei Marini

Conca dei Marini is a stunning place in Costiera Amalfitana. Here you can take a dip in blue water and watch the wonderful cliffs.

There are a few places accessible there and you can take advantage of the wonderful beach. Conca dei Marini is located near Salerno and from Naples you can arrive in about 1 hour.

Spiaggia dell’Arsenale, Capri


Finally, one of the best places to swim in Naples is Capri Island. On the island there are also some accessible beaches, like the Spiaggia dell’Arsenale.

The sea in Capri is clear, crystalline, fantastic in every angle. You don’t have to lose the opportunity to visit the beach!

Yoou want to organize in the best way your trip to Naples? Well, contact us and we can plan your friendly stay in the city!

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